What is php?

11 Oct 2020   |    162

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raman gulati answered this.

10 Feb 2022

PHP is a server side programming language. It stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, initially it stood for Personal Home Page.

PHP runs on server only and manipulates the Hypertext according to the need or request by the browser. It is mainly used to give the user dynamic content by processing all the request on the server.

For the example:—
1. When you search something on a website, you send some keywords to the server as a request to get some results related to your search keyword. When server receives the request, PHP starts its work by searching in the database for your keyword. Once all the search operation ends, PHP sends back only the related search to your browser in the HTML or JSON format.

2. Taking another example, when you sign in to some website using your username/email/phone number and password. Your credentials are sent to the server where PHP handles the further process and search for the credentials you sent in the database. After searching your credentials, it sends back the results to your browser according to the match of your credentials and database.


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