How to start a blog?

I want to start a blog. There I want to post news articles on daily basis./ {1}/Any help will be appreciable!

11 Oct 2020   |    166

~ Satty

raman gulati answered this.

29 Jan 2022

You can start your daily blog on different topics like - Recipe website, news blog, technology blog, science and experimental blog, personal blog and more.

On your blog you must post some articles on daily basis or atleast weekly. Posting frequently helps you engage your visitors with latest updates.

How to choose a perfect topic to start a blog :

Before you decide any topic to start blog on, you must do some market researchs and research on yourself and your ability. 

• You should choose such topics to start your blog that have higher demands in the market.
• Having higher demand is not the only factor on which you decide to start your blog, you should have enough knowledge on the topic so you can publish articles and posts frequently and continuously.

What do you need to start?

You will need a domain name, a good hosting provider ans a CMS from where you can update your blog regularly.

All this may cost you around ₹500-₹2500 monthly.

But don't worry there is a platform where you can get all this free. The platform name is On this platform I already have my 3 blogs and I'm earing around ₹20000 thousands from two of them (Third blog is very new, so it will take around 3 months to start earning).


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